Off The Wall, Texas Wood

Doris K. Hembrough opened her fine art gallery, the Hembrough Gallery, in Mazomanie in June 2008. A photographer with an eye for sharp, contrasting textures in ordinary scenes, Hembrough said she is sensitive to patterns in light.

“I work with natural light,” she wrote in her artist statement. “I do not manipulate the scene, the subject matter, the exposure or the printing process, and I will always use film.

“My goal in making the print is to let the image reveal itself, its aliveness.”

Hembrough returned to Wisconsin, where she earned a degree in art history at UW-Madison, from Taos, N.M., in 2006. The walls of her gallery are full of her work, images taken on domestic travels as well as trips to Ireland and Nova Scotia.

Hembrough said the gallery also displays Navajo pottery, jewelry, sand paintings and more from Arizona.

-Lindsay Christians