Images From Another World

This Wisconsin photographer challenges us to use our imagination and look beyond the world of appearances.

These photographs are what Cassville photographer Doris Hembrough calls “metaphorical memos,” drawn from the rich, textured sandstone formations of southwestern Wisconsin. In contrast to the old saying, “seeing is believing,” her lovely abstractions ask us to question what we are seeing, to create our own meaning from the ambiguous, organic forms around us. Hembrough has been a full-time photographer for more than a decade and has been exhibiting her color work since 1983. In 1986 she opened the DK Gallery in Cassville. She says of her approach in the “Images from Another World” series, “My intuition is my sole guide; I follow the light. What I bring back are visual messages that call to us to look beyond what we think we see in the world, look beyond the physical, ‘look beyond the wall.'”